Best Misting System for Patio

Article provided by: Cool-Off™

The summer months can be brutally hot and arid. Excessive heat can make it challenging to do anything outdoors. One way to combat the heat is with a misting system. The best misting system for patio use provides you and your family with a light mist that makes you feel cool and comfortable. You won’t need to sit inside the air conditioning anymore. Instead, you can enjoy your patio when you install one of our excellent misting systems.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

You may be familiar with misting systems at outdoor concerts, amusement parks, and events. Misting systems provide a cooling sensation that will quickly reduce the body’s temperature and make outdoor activities tolerable. The best misting system for your patio uses the same concept as these large commercial units. The system gives off a fine water mist that effectively cools you off. The system can often reduce the “feels like” temperature by 10 to 15 degrees or more. You can install the system on your patio or deck so you can enjoy using them, even in the hot summer months.

Types of Misting Systems

We sell a selection of misting systems. The best misting system for patio use is high or mid-pressure design. The amount of pressure you need depends on the size of the system and how much area you need to mist. If you are planning a misting system for a large outdoor space such as for a restaurant or other commercial site, you likely require a high-pressure misting system. It would be best if you made sure that the system will output the necessary amount of pressure to cool off the location adequately. If you are choosing a design for your home, the best misting system for your patio might be a mid-pressure style.

What are the Advantages of Misting Systems?

Misting systems effectively cool off an area, such as a patio or deck. If you own a restaurant with an outdoor bar area, you know that during the hot periods people prefer not to sit in the heat. You can create more useable space and therefore increase customers by adding a misting system. Misting systems are quiet, and they don’t utilize an excessive amount of water. They are easy to operate, and they function with little maintenance. People enjoy the coolness they get when they are near the misting system, so they can more readily take advantage of your establishment. At home, a misting system makes your deck or patio more comfortable.

Choosing the Best Misting System for Your Patio

Take several factors into consideration when you purchase a misting system. Determine the size of the area that you want to cool so you can buy a misting system that will provide adequate cooling. Think about the placement of the system and opt for a design that will give you the best coverage. You will want to buy an economical system and one that fits your budget. Call an expert to help you choose and plan the system design. Call us if you need help finding the right product: 800-504-6478.