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For any new installation or repair works, your reliable partner Thousand Oaks Plumbing is the Calabasas plumbing specialist. We have a rich history of successful installations that stands as a guarantee that your project will be completed accurately and on time.

What is the plumbing?

The system designated to transport fluids to and from your house is called a plumbing. Contrary to the general belief, a plumbing system does not only include the pipes, but the pumps, plumbing fixtures, valves, and other apparatus as well.

In your house, you have two major plumbing systems: one is designated to bring fresh water to your home and the other one to remove the fluid waste. They do not overlap, as they are separated and use a different kind of physics to move the fluids.

The freshwater system carries the fluid through pressured pipes. By comparison, the sewage system relies on gravity to transport the sewer, pipes being sloped to generate the free flow of the liquid inside.

Types of plumbing pipes

When starting to build a new house or to retrofit your existing one for sure, you asked yourself which type of pipes to use. There is no right or wrong answer since every kind of pipe has its pros and cons. We want only to give you some information about the common types used in a Calabasas plumbing system:

  • PVC pipe – is the commonly used type because of its affordability, durability, and versatility to a large number of fittings. A PVC pipe is performing well in warm and cold-water applications and does not rust or erode, meaning it is almost maintenance free. Also, PVC is an ideal solution for high-pressure applications but will not perform well when used with hot water (it will soften and bend). PVC has a low UV resistance making it suitable for indoor or underground use.
  • CPVC pipe – has all the benefits of PVC but with added durability and is also safe to use for drinking water pipes. The inner metallic layer is preventing the pipe from twisting when exposed to hot water.
  • Copper pipe – is coming with a long lifespan and durability, making it the preferred solution for the majority of application. Cooper does not erode and tolerates heat well, also having an excellent impact resistance. The major drawback is the price, being one of the most expensive materials in the market.
  • Brass pipe – is one of the oldest solutions used in Calabasas plumbing systems and is highly resistant to corrosion, perfect for hot and warm water. Brass offers many of cooper benefits but, like any other alloy, brass has lead in its composition.

What do plumbers do?

A plumber will do any work related to your plumbing, along with preventive maintenance or repairs. A plumber will install and repair the water supply lines, the appliances and fixtures to keep your house running smoothly.

All our employees at Thousand Oaks Plumbing have a long experience and can advise you in any matter related to your plumbing system. We partner the best suppliers in the market to offer you plumbing services of unparalleled quality.