Drain Cleaning Chicago

Drain Cleaning Chicago

Is your sink or tub water draining too slowly or pooling at the bottom of the basin and failing to drain at all? If you’ve noticed the problem slowly getting worse, there are a few things you can do on your own to try and remedy the situation, however, ultimately, when these attempts fail, Rodding Rooter will be here for you with affordable drain cleaning in Chicago.

Try Safe, Approved Methods

There are two kinds of solutions you can try when you’re dealing with a clogged drain: plunging is considered the safest, most effective way to clear a drain, while over-the-counter products such as liquids and granules can lead to severe pipe damage that is costly to repair. If you’ve tried plunging with no positive results, it’s time to make a phone call to a professional. Rodding Rooter is proud to offer some of the most cost-effective options in drain service, including unclogging, cleaning, repair, snaking, back-up service, and frozen pipe repairs and thawing.

Invest Now, Save Later

When it comes to plumbing issues, taking care of small problems now typically prevents more costly problems later on. We’ve seen over and over how ignoring drain situations will result in costing hundreds of dollars rather than just a few bills from your wallet. Rodding Rooter will save you significantly when trouble shooting the issue with our camera inspection service that quickly identifies the problem and allows us to make an expert recommendation on how to proceed.

Emergency Drain Cleaning in Chicago

Call a Rodding Rooter technician day or night for immediate dispatch to your location and prompt diagnosis of the problem. Once we locate the reason your drain system is clogged, we’ll offer multi-options in remedying the situation. Very often, a simple clog removal is enough to get your system flowing correctly again, while other times, a cleaning is necessary before optimum water flow can be achieved. We try to keep costs down by providing reasonable rates and discounts. Seniors always receive a lower rate at Rodding Rooter, regardless of the service they’re calling about. See our $35 Off All Internet Service Calls savings online or call us for more information.

Battling Tough Drain Problems

More challenging to clear problems often result from debris inside of pipes, such as sand and grease. You can prevent grease build-up and other debris from compromising your drain system by pouring cooled cooking oil and grease into a disposable container with a secure lid and protecting your pipes with a sink-located trap. Precautionary measures may prevent the need to have your drain cleaned or serviced in the future.

Trusted Plumbing and Drain Service

See our company reviews online to see why we are one of the most reputable plumbers in the greater Chicago area. We don’t just offer the most affordable drain cleaning in Chicago, but we’ll also save you money when you need a full-service plumber for sewer work, water heater repairs, sump and ejector pumps, and everyday plumbing issues like leaks and installations.

Drain Cleaning Chicago
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Drain Cleaning Chicago
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