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The drains in your Ventura CA home can become clogged from the accumulation of grease, debris, sludge, foreign objects, hair, tree roots, and food particles. To prevent emergency drain issues, hiring an expert to help unclog your drain is the right thing to do. For your drain unclogging in Ventura, our expert team at Oaks Drain Service are perfect to always call upon.

At Oaks Drain Service, we have lots of adept plumbing and drain experts all over Ventura, California. Our experts possess the required tools and equipment to give your drain pipes and sewer line the thorough clean it deserves. We serve both residential and commercial client in Ventura, CA, and nearby cities.

What are the Causes of Drain Clogging?

Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing problems in many homes in Ventura. A drain is clogged when there is no or limited passage of water or sewage through the plumb line.

Drain clogging is an issue that homeowners can avoid. By knowing the causes, it enables them to take precautionary measures in forestalling their plumbing network from having getting compromised. The causes of drain clogging include:

Dirt: Many homeowners have the misconception that dirt can be washed down the drain as much as they want. Dirt can over time build up and clog the drain. A drain cleaner or hiring a professional drain-cleaning expert can assist you in getting rid of dirt in your drain.

Grease: Grease and oil components washed in the sink as time goes on collects at the walls of the drain. This happens until it gets to the point that it forms a huge mass and clogs the drain. Therefore, liquid waste will no longer be able to pass through it. Drain clogging by grease most especially occurs during colder periods.

Hair: Shaving is normally done in the bathroom after which the shaved hairs are washed down the sink. The hair may appear small and soft but they will build-up to a massive mass causing a tough drain clogging. One sure way to evade this problem is to avoid flushing the hair down the drain or installing a device in the pipe that will trap the hair before it gets to the sewer line.

Plant Root Intrusion: Plants surrounding a home can be a possible cause of drain clogging. The plant roots in search of food can penetrate through the drain pipe and blocking them. You can avoid this problem by not planting trees near the drainage system or use chemicals to inhibit the growth of plant roots near the drainage system.

What are the Signs of Clogged Drains?

There are signs that tell you that your drains are clogged. Your drain is clogged if you notice water still sitting in your sink, toilet unable to get flushed. When a drain is clogged, you may hear gurgling sounds indicating no passage of water through the sewer pipe. You could also perceive bad smells coming from the clogged pipes.

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Drain Unclogging Ventura