High Pressure Misting Fan

Buying your first high-pressure misting fan can be confusing. Fortunately, Cool-Off can ensure you get the best experience when shopping for misting fans. Our staff is ready to receive and answer all your queries concerning misting fans. Consider several factors when buying misting fans. As a leading supplier of quality misters, we simplify the technical jargon for our consumers so you can understand what you need.

The Initial Meeting

When you visit our shop for quality misters, we will sit down with you to tell us exactly what you want. Our experts will ask more about your space to determine the right mister for you. We will then take you through our cool-off misting fans to identify the best one for you. Whether you want a portable mister for a road trip or a wall-mounted mister before summer, we have you covered.

We Break Down the Jargon

Our technical experts will break down all the complex terms about misters for you. An acronym like GPM stands for gallons per minute. It measures the flow rate of a mister pump in an area. In addition, we explain the features and accessories that enable the optimal function of your mister.

Area of Application

If you are setting up an outdoor barbecue and need a mister to cool your guests, we recommend our outdoor mister systems. They are fitted with the best outdoor cooling fans for ample cooling while withstanding the elements like rain, dust, and rust. We also have indoor misters designed for your kitchen, living room, study room, or bathroom.


We aim to supply mister systems that run efficiently with minimal resources. If you want more mist at a low price, we suggest our double fan portable misting system. It projects more mist droplets while consuming less power. If you want a stationary mister, we have an array of wall-mounted misters that fit the bill. We also supply misting accessories that will secure the mister and prevent leakages or power interruptions. 

Installation Services

We know how intimidating mounting a large mist fan in your living room or patio can be. At your request, we can send a trained technician to install the unit for you. The technician will carefully mount the mister and check all fittings to ensure they are airtight to prevent leakages and performance issues. Alternatively, we can video call and guide you through the installation process.

Flexible and Secure Payments

Misters can be expensive, especially for large-scale applications. Fortunately, we have flexible payment plans to ensure you get affordable cooling in the summer. We guarantee that your details are safe when paying online. Our website is encrypted with the latest security to protect your personal information. In addition, we confirm and process online payments swiftly at your convenience.

We Ship To Your Doorstep

Cool-Off has collaborated with reputable shipping companies to get your mister to your doorstep. In addition, we will carefully package your product to prevent any damages while in transit. All our shipment is insured so you are guaranteed compensation in case of anything.

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High Pressure Misting Fan