Install Toilet Jacksonville FL

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Install Toilet Jacksonville FL

The toilet is a simple yet ingenious contraption. Today, there are many different types of toilets, including gravity fed flush, pressure tank, flushometer, and dual flush toilets. The most common type of toilet is the gravity fed flush toilet, which consists of two main parts; the bowl and the tank. Yet, as common and widespread as the modern toilet is, only a shockingly small amount of people actually understand their inner-workings, which is essential for toilet installation.

Whether you're renovating your home, building a home, adding an addition to your home, or upgrading or replacing the toilet, you can call Rolland Reash Plumbing to come to your home or establishment and install your toilet anywhere in Jacksonville FL. We do residential and commercial toilet installation in Jacksonville FL. Rolland Reash Plumbing has been the number one choice for toilet installation in Jacksonville FL for more than 25 years.

Understanding Your Toilet Assembly is Necessary for Toilet Installation

The flange on the floor connects the main drain to the bottom of the bowl assembly with a wax rim serving as a seal between them. A spud gasket acts between a connector and a seal in-between the bowl and the tank. The heart of the toilet is contained in the tank and is protected by the tank lid.

The inner parts of your toilet are fairly simply. Whenever someone flips the flush handle, a chain reaction of events begins. First, the toilet hadle raises the trip lever that pulls a chain, lifting the tank flapper off of the flush valve. As water rushes down through the opening and into the bowl, the reservoir of water and the waste inside of the toilet bowl comply with gravity, passing down through the toilet's trap and outside into your septic system.

Inside the tank, the float descends with the outrushing water until, at a predetermined level, the attached shut-off rod trips the water supply valve, called the ballcock. All the while, the tank flapper will resettle into position inside the flush valve. This will prevent any further water from leaving the tank. Next, the ballcock opens to supply fresh water into the tank through a refill tube and then inside the bowl via an overflow tube. Once the float has risen to its fill position, the ballcock will stop the water and the flush cycle is complete and ready to work again.

Call Rolland Reash Plumbing to Install a Toilet in Jacksonville FL

As you can see, the toilet has evolved a long way from a hole in the ground to become a prominent amenity in today's society. Still, most people don't know how their toilet works or understand its functionality. That is why people call us to install their toilet in Jacksonville FL. Rolland Reach Plumbing will not only have your toilet installed properly in no time; we'll explain to you how it works and how to fix any potential issues that may arise. We can also remove old toilets or fix broken ones.

Install Toilet Jacksonville FL