leaky basement plumbing Burnaby

leaky basement plumbing Burnaby

Water leaks and floods in your house are disastrous. Nobody wants to wake up to find a flooded basement or a leaky pipe. The first thing you need to do in that situation is to call a reputable plumber. An experienced professional handles problems including leaky basement plumbing in Burnaby.

What Should I Do About Leaky Basement Plumbing in Burnaby?

Leaky basement plumbing in Burnaby is a significant concern. You should immediately turn off the water to that area or the entire home. The water main is often located in the basement in an area closest to the street side of the house. Once you stop the water flow, you should contact a plumbing company. Plumbing issues such as leaky pipes are difficult to resolve on your own. A plumber will arrive promptly to locate the source of the leak and determine the repairs that he needs to complete. The plumber will give you an estimate for repairs and explain the situation to you, the homeowner.

What Causes Leaky Basement Pipes?

Leaky basement plumbing in Burnaby often occurs in older homes that have old pipes. Pipes connect throughout your home. Over time and with wear, pipes can loosen. Loose pipes cause leaks. Sometimes pipes degrade over time, and a plumber needs to replace portions of the tube in your home. You should get the leak fixed as soon as you notice it because it will only get worse as time goes on.

How a Plumber Will Help

A professional plumber has the experience and training to locate and repair leaky basement plumbing in Burnaby. Sometimes a homeowner is tempted to try to fix the pipe with duct tape. The tape is not a permanent fix and only masks the problem for the moment. The plumber takes a direct approach to locate the leak. He will quickly identify the problem and propose the best way to fix the leak. He may be able to remove the portion of the pipe that is damaged and replace it with a new piece of pipe. The plumber can repair the damage quickly and efficiently.

Tips for Checking Pipes for Damage

When one pipe leaks it is quite possible that other pipes in your home are faulty. You can check your basement to find any leaks that you have. Some holes are small and difficult to notice. Take a flashlight and a dry towel to check for pipe leaks. Run the cloth over sections of the pipe to find water. It is important to note that water travels down tubes and therefore you need to find the place where the leak occurred. Usually, you won’t need to replace all of the pipes in your home. However, sometimes the plumber must replace several or more sections of pipe.

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leaky basement plumbing Burnaby