Storm Drain Burnaby

Storm Drain Burnaby

One part of your home that you may not give much thought to is the drainage system. However, when there is a rainstorm it can become apparent that the water isn’t draining properly. If this occurs you could have problems that include backups and water damage. Excess water can damage your foundation, walls, basement and other parts of your structure. A proper storm drain in Burnaby will protect your home from water damage.

How a Storm Drain Works

A storm drain is designed to protect your home by providing a path for water to take away from your structure. Then, it redirects the water to your sump pump where it is safe and effectively removed. Ideally, there are two parts to your drainage system. Drainage tiles are placed around the home in areas that collect and direct water away from your home’s foundation. In addition, rain leaders are placed under downspouts where they can channel water away from the home.

Together, the storm drain in Burnaby helps water flow away from the home. Then, it is moved towards the sump pump so it will be pumped away. The sump pump forces water out into the storm main. The sump pump is generally located at a low part of the property, about ten feet away from the foundation. This is the best set-up for your storm drain in Burnaby.

Much of the drainage system, such as the piping, is located underground. Although you won’t see these parts there are some things that can go wrong over time. For example, old metal pipes can get rusted and leaky. This will compromise the integrity of the drainage system and it won’t work properly.

Repairs and Replacements

Old, leaky drainage systems need to be inspected and repaired. A qualified technician will evaluate your drainage system to determine whether there are problems and if so, how they can be resolved. Old metal pipes should be replaced with PVC pipes in order to meet construction codes in most areas.

Another problem that can occur with older systems is that they may have used clay tiles as pipes.  These tiles can break and deteriorate over time. They may have cracks and debris may accumulate in them. This causes water to leak out rather than flow through as intended.

The installation of a drainage system will improve the way rain flows away from your home and will save you from costly home repairs in the future. A new storm drain in Burnaby can be installed to replace your existing system. A two-part system is recommended and will be the most efficient way to direct water away from your home.

An installation technician will meet with you to review your needs and evaluate your home. A new drain system will actually add value to your home and will prevent serious water damage. You will have the option of improving your storm drain by either having it repaired or getting a new system installed. Contact us today for a free estimate.  

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Storm Drain Burnaby