Benefits of a Video Inspection

Benefits of a Video Inspection

So you’ve been experiencing reoccurring blockage in your sewer line that just doesn’t appear to get the hint. You’ve plunged what seems like hours of your life away, tried some of the liquid plumber stuff and had even rented a snake to try and clear the drain.

Try as you might, these only temporarily worked and a few weeks later, you’re met with yet another clog. At this point, it sounds like you’re well over due to have your sewer line video inspected.

As the name indicates, a video inspection involves sending a small camera through your line and recording as it winds through. The technician on the other end can look at the feed and determine what the exact issue is and exactly where it is occurring.

Prior to the introduction of video inspection, plumbers would need to do some “exploratory digging” (uh-oh) to figure what is going on with your pipes. As the word exploring connotes, this was at–most an educated guessing game that could leave your yard in shambles and you sometimes still knowing nothing about the issue at hand.

Providing a minimally intrusive alternative to exploratory digging, video inspection seems like a no-brainer when it comes to identifying and solving plumbing issues. That being said, people seem hesitant to have their lines inspected this way.

First and foremost, the worst thing you can do is wait for an issue to become an emergency before addressing. Video inspecting your line at least annually can help prevent future disasters from occurring, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

In a society so focused on convenience and efficiency, it’s a wonder why anyone would spend more time than they need to attempting to clear reoccurring clogs. A quick video inspection by a trained professional can expedite any potential solution needed.

In the end, its all about saving time and money, both of which we can do here at Resolve Trenchless via a video inspection of your line. Give us a call today to schedule yours at 888-973-7658, or 215-441-5544 local.