High Water Bill

So to your peril, you just opened up your water bill for this past month to find it $50 bucks higher than the previous few. Odd.

Unless you’re washing each individual item of clothing by itself, or turning on all your faucets overnight for enjoyment, the likely culprit is your toilet.

Toilets account for something like ¼ of indoor water usage, which makes sense when your flushing a gallon of water literally (and figuratively) down the drain multiple times a day. Imagine in addition to regular usage, you’re now losing upwards of a hundred gallons of water a day due to it running or leaking…. or that $50 you just had to fork over to the water company.

Let’s take a look at this toilet. Right off the bat, an obvious leak would be apparent. Are you currently reading this, standing in an inch of water? Looks like a leak. Do you hear a hissing sound but live in an area not indigenous to snakes? This is probably a cry for some additional investigation. Perhaps a call to your friends over at Resolve Trenchless is in order?

Or maybe the leak isn’t so apparent. Try to dye test. Grab some food coloring from your pantry and put a few drops into the water tank. Check back in an hour. Is there colored water anywhere (floor, bowl, side of tank, etc…) other than the tank? Confirmed leak, my friend.

The good news is, most toilet leaks can be fixed by replacing an old, worn out Flapper. This is relatively inexpensive and quick to do. However, if you just had to ask yourself “what’s a flapper?”, it’s probably a good idea to call one of our expert technicians here at Resolve Trenchless.

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