Tree Roots in our Sewer Line

Trees are great. They provide shade, oxygen, wood and a great space to lose cats, amongst other things. While a tree may adorn your property with all of the aforementioned things, they can also be a complete hindrance to homeowners alike. Between leaves clogging gutters, limbs falling on roofs and roots making their ways into your sewer line, trees sure can go out of their way to cost you a ton a money. Naturally, we here at Resolve Trenchless are concerned with the latter; though we wish you luck with your leaf filled gutters.

Too common of an occurrence, tree roots can wreak havoc on main sewer lines, damaging the piping and rendering your facilities useless. While snaking your line may dislodge a temporary clog, tree roots are resilient. Because trees grow, so do their roots. Simply put, this is likely not something you can tackle on your own and will most definitely reoccur if not handled correctly.

That’s okay though, we at Resolve Trenchless are close by, affordable and would love to help you out with your tree root issues.

The best way to resolve issues relating to tree roots in your sewer line, you ask? Easy, pick up your phone and call toll free at 888-973-7658 or 215-441-5544 local, 24/7 to set up an appointment with one of our trained technicians.